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Can overseas education influence a student’s career? How well?

At the very outset, I’d clearly like to identify the term “ABROAD” as a very broad-definition-word. So first of all, narrowing it down supposedly to mean as studying outside your motherland, and hence, addressing the question in that context would help well.

Well, studying abroad indeed offers one a finer and an advanced canvas for a highlighting career ahead. But that is when one is looking forward to return back after gaining the educational experience and professional expertise. One, who has had an overseas exposure, of course induces a better perspective to his thinking, viewpoint, becomes more familiar with the outside world, and evolves into more independent and confident person. Alongside, one also delves into becoming an international material. Thereby, it would definitely give one an edge over counterparts when he returns as it is normally observed to having attained a higher self esteem, professionally as well as personality wise.

On the contrary, not everyone gets to study abroad or not even that everyone chooses to study abroad. I really do not think that students who work hard to get into a good institute in India are less competent and cannot do well in their careers in comparison to their foreign-return counterparts. In fact Indian education system is more thorough and technically sounder at the elementary till secondary phase. After having the fundamental bases built up concretely here and then opting to travel overseas for a foreign education in specialized fields would be even wiser. And in fact with the blooming interest of foreign companies into the Indian skilled personnel shouts out the positive facts and traces of the Indian education system and Indian students-turned-professionals.

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