The Clothing & Textiles Centre was established in 1989 to provide a consultancy service and to carry out contract research. Initially underwritten by the Dunedin City Council the Centre has been self-funded since 1992. A wide variety of contract research and consultancy is carried out by the Centre. Clothing and many materials such as textiles and leather meet basic human needs, and are essential to performance, feelings of well-being in both the physical sense (e.g. for protection and warmth) and the social sense (e.g. belonging to a group). Clothing plays an important role in non-verbal communication indicating many personal and social characteristics of the wearer. Clothing and textile production and distribution are significant to the New Zealand and world economy, and clothing and textiles are one of the few product groups subject to control in international trade. Courses in Clothing and Textile Sciences at the University of Otago aim to provide the terminology, theoretical bases, and practical competencies to analyse structure, function and behaviour of clothing and various materials including textiles and leather.
Clothing and Textiles Sciences, University of Otago
Clothing and Textile Sciences, University of Otago, PO Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand
Dunedin , New Zealand.

Contact Person : Professor Raechel Laing (Head of Section and Director of the Clothing and Textiles Centre)
Phone : 64-03-4797540
Fax : 64-03-4797538
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